Doughnut UFO

Doughnut UFO: A photographer was clicking photos at night in Zurich, Switzerland. Then he saw some circular light in the sky. When he zoomed the camera and saw, the light was seen going for a long time. Then suddenly it disappeared. The photographer tweeted this information. He named the flywheel as Donut UFO. This case is of November 8, when four NASA astronauts were returning to Earth.

Doughnut UFO

Eavix1Eavix shared the picture on Twitter. However, he later deleted the tweet. A British Medisa Institute saved the screenshot. In which a set of four pictures is visible. It has pictures of donut UFOs. The photographer thought he had seen SpaceX’s Endeavor capsule. To which the astronauts were coming back, but when the camera zoomed, something different appeared.

Doughnut UFO

“People in the US and some Gulf cities have seen the SpaceX Endeavor capsule return,” said researcher Marco Longbroek from Leiden University in the Netherlands. So it’s hard to say if anyone in Zurich has seen it. If Endeavor had gone that way, it would have lived in the darkest part of the earth. It doesn’t show up for this.

According to scientist Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonium Center for Astrophysics in Massachusetts, this donut was the upper part of a UFO rocket, the smallest part used to propel a craft into orbit. It is burning there, which the photographer mistook as a UFO. McDowell said that without a precise time frame for the photographs, it is difficult to tie the mysterious light to any known object that was in the sky that night.

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