New Pandemic Virus Spreads In China After Corona, Warns The World!

After the coronavirus havoc that spread from Wuhan, now a new dangerous virus has stirred up in China. According to the reports,...
News Dreadful news for India: Corona Virus Reportedly Killing Youngsters

Dreadful news for India: Corona Virus Reportedly Killing Youngsters

The deadly coronavirus is now making the youngsters fall into its prey. Developing countries like India And Brazil can get badly affected.

According to the recent report, developing countries such as India and Brazil are becoming hot spots of COVID-19. Coronavirus is showing its destructive form in these places. And this epidemic is now increasingly victimizing the youth here. The report said that in a country like Brazil and India, the number of youth who are infected with coronavirus and hospitalized is also increasing rapidly. The number of these young patients is increasing rapidly in such a way that so far, not even the places that have been the center of this epidemic, have shown such reports.

It is been told that usually older people fall prey to coronavirus due to weak immune systems. But now it has been observed that the youngsters are also falling prey to Coronavirus. India is on the verge of becoming the next hotspot of the epidemic. About 50 percent of the people who died of corona this month are under 60. In the report, the deaths of young people in developing countries have been attributed due to poor healthcare, extreme poverty, and inequality.

Although the authorities had announced in the early weeks of the epidemic that the elderly are at greatest risk, but according to reports over the past several days, infections and more serious cases are between 20 to 44 years of age. Last month’s report has revealed that African Americans have become the worst victims of the coronavirus. But according to the information recently gathered, the havoc is now effecting India and Brazil in the worst possible way.

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