Drinking Habits As Told By Your Zodiac Sign

While most actually believe in Zodiac signs and all that they say about your personality, there are also people who think of it as B*llshit but we still thinkits fun to explore the indicative drinking Habits of individuals based on their Zodiac signs. And so let us dig deep to know more about the drunken behaviour of people.


Known for their social, outgoing and friendly demeanor, aries when drunk shall bounce from person to person making sure that they are enjoying as much as the aries are!



Taurus is someone you can rely on completely and so they rarely get super drunk and even if they do they act super normal and responsible taking care of every person close to them.


As they are the twin faces are known for ther multiple behaviours. they never stay at one place especially after drinks get involved. So be prepared for a rough night.



Being super emotional they just start crying revealing their inner deep emotions. They display an array of emotions which is why drinking with them is not an ideal situation.


You just need to bring the liqour and Leos won’t shut up. They express their views and opinions freely even if they are offensive!



You can always find a perfectionist sipping his/her drink at the bar then he/she is definitely a virgo. They will only drink their favoroite brand of liqour and in a private company staying away from the crowd.


they are one of the best people to go out drinking with. they have  ahappy0go-lucky nature and so they make best drinking partners.


Scorpios don’t hold anything back. while the drinks can bring out the super entertaining side of scorpions don’t ever get into an argument with them after a few drinks. just so you know!



Be careful when partying with a Sagittarius, as he or she has a sharp tongue by nature. Alcohol and anger do not mix well, so you better watch what you say around these people.


Capricorns are the chameleons, as they can acclimate themselves into any given situation.



Be very careful while drinking with an Aquarius as one moment everything will be going great and if you manage to piss him/her off then the other moment will get all destructive.


Pisces display very extreme emotions when subjected to alcohol which makes it all the more interesting. But anyhow beware of their swift mood swings, one extra shot and they are over the edge.

Pisces may as well be on top of your list while going out for drinks as they just go with the flow rather fight the current.

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