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Dubai sheikhs Maybe The Richest But They Surely Got A Weird Swag

Dubai sheikhs are surely the Richest people and Dubai itself is one of the most expensive places to live in but no one can fail to notice that People of Dubai surely have got a Weird sense of Swag! Seen them walking their pets? Yes! Pets only they are not the usual cute kittens!

Yes! These are the pets I was talking about!dubai1

A Tennis court in the air over the sea! Only if you’re not scared of heights though!


Treat for their pets!


This is how people in dubai avoid running into traffic jams..


And even if they get into one..its due to really nice cars!dubai4


Its absolutely normal for them to take their camels out for a casual walk while driving! Of course! dubai10

They even let them chill in the parking lot!




In Dubai, if you see a lion in somebody’s house or car it is a crime to scream!




These swanky cars belong to the cops in Dubai!



Ever seen a car that    W  I   D  E ?  Only in dubai!!



Bored Of camel riding I Guess!



If you need some Gold Coins on the go! You never know if theres an emergency and you might need gold!



People wear fur coats to enjoy ice cold temperatures in a cafe in the middle of a desert!



World Of Islands! Man-made of course! they actually ran out of desert sand to build these!dubai20

Aren’t people of Dubai the mostly weirdly swaggy?

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