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News Dutch Election Result: A Lesson To America, Canada, Europe And To The...

Dutch Election Result: A Lesson To America, Canada, Europe And To The Whole World

The Netherland’s center-right Prime Minister Mark Rutte was on flow for an enormous victory over anti-Islam and anti-EU Geert Wilders in an election on Wednesday. It is a welcome relief for all the EU governments that are facing a wave of nationalism. On Wednesday night, PM Rutte took to the stage in Hague and said: “This night is a night for the Netherlands — after Brexit, after the American elections, where we said stop it, stop it to the wrong kind of populism.”

PM Rutte on his victory in dutch election
Source: RT

This victory depicts the real side of humanity, in which there is no space for hatred, immigration problems and yes especially anti-Islam sentiments. There is a very broad line between being human and being a nationalist.

A Lesson To The Whole World

Religious bigotry, hostility, racism and even violence against immigrants are nothing new to the western countries like America, Canada and Europe. According to the Gallup, Islamophobia existed in premise before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, but it increased in frequency and notoriety during the past decade.

Research shows that the U.S. identified more than 160 Muslim-American terrorist suspects and perpetrators in the decade since 9/11, just a percentage of the thousands of acts of violence that occur in the United States each year.

Immigrants welcome banners
Source: Common Dreams

In Canada, on January 2017, six Muslims were killed in a shooting at a Quebec city mosque. The number of Islamophobic incidents has significantly increased in the last two years.

At the end, let’s rebuild our planet with Love, Compassion and Respect. Let’s rebuild Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq and the whole world. And thank you to the people of Netherlands for choosing love over hatred.

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