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Easy Way To Use The Google Now On Tap App Which Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier

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It is a little bit hard and people find it confusing to understand as to what google now is ? It’s easy to describe it as Google’s version of Siri, but it’s actually a lot more ambitious than that. You can set it to anything for example – to set reminders to buy milk or have dinner with friends,you can ask it basic questions about the weather tomorrow or who directed Lagaan. 


But the real attraction lies in its ability to understand your desire. If Google now learns about you then it can throw up various suggestions  or information that it thinks you may like.

The Set Up

Give Google now all  the information it needs.

How To Customize Google Now


Open up the menu,

Via the three horizontal lines at the top left, and  then choose Customize,

Then click the magic wand icon,

In Places, you can set locations, such as your home and workplace,

The Sports and Stocks sections let you choose sports teams and stocks that you are interested in,

In Transport, you can tell Google how you usually get around and whether you drive or walk to work every day.

The data contained in Google Now will be collected automatically as you use your various Google services. If you want to quickly edit your Google now  tap the menu icon and choose your preferences. That’s it.

To check the reminders go to menu simple and choose the  reminders at the top. You can add new information and delete the old one. Or you can choose the specific location where you want to get reminded.

Google now tap it has been made to make your life easier. It is much better than any other app and it is a perfect reality of technology.

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