High Life Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Grab Girl's Attention

Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Grab Girl’s Attention

Catching a girl’s attention may seem as tough as climbing a mountain. It’s not about fancy clothes and big cars. While good looks is not a sole parameter but it plays a major role. Guys always get attracted to a girl who looks confident.

But girls aren’t far behind either. They also have parameters fixed in their mind on the basis of which they judge guys around them.

1. Dress Well

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Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Grab Girl's Attention

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What’s the first thing you see in a girl? Her dress, isn’t it? The same happens with girls. They also notice the dress of a guy and not once but every time. More charming you look, it gets more difficult for her to keep her eyes off you.

2. Don’t get dominated by anyone else than her

Don't get dominated by anyone else than her

If she joins your friend circle, avoid getting in situations where your friends can make fun of you. Don’t get ignored or insulted. Try not to be a joke especially when she is around. She might get more attracted to your dominating friends than you. Girls like boys who are dominating as they feel more protected than them.

3. Don’t be dominating on her

Don't be dominating on her

After the above point, it was important to mention this. If you dominate others, you appear more masculine to her but do not dominate her in this whole process. She will tolerate you for some time. But after some time she’ll get pissed off at you, which is obviously not good for you.

4. Groom yourself

Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Grab Girl's Attention

This is what separated you from an average guy. Some guys have an aura around them that attract almost every girl around them. This aura comes after grooming. Like nowadays girls like beard, so don’t get a clean shave. Moisturise your hands as your soft hands will surprise her.

5. Compliment her

Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Grab Girl's Attention

Compliments are an easy way to a girl’s heart. Tell her that her outfit is looking gorgeous on her and her hair are looking good. Tell her something nice about her looks and she will never forget it. Girls love compliments but don’t do it over as it will look fake. One more thing, lace it up with a sexual touch, she’ll end up blushing which is a good beginning.

6. Give her emotional strength at her hard times

Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Grab Girl's Attention

Girls never forget when someone supports her emotionally in hard times. Even you can’t help her but support her through your words will give her strength. Tell her she need not be afraid as you are always with her.

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