Having a crush is pretty common whether you are in school or college or office. But at times, the crush ends up being so strong, that you can’t help but feel infatuated and/or attracted. This is when you try to do everything in your power to turn your crush into something more.

Now if you’re following some great tips to make your crush fall for you, but they just aren’t working, maybe it’s time you followed some new steps. How about trying these six easy tips to start your dream love story?

1. Update your closet

Looks do matter. It will be delusional for you to believe that your appearance won’t play a role in making your crush fall for you. So the first and foremost thing to do in this regard is to update your closet. Following the latest fashion trends and wearing clothes that will leave a lasting impression can only help your chances.

2. Get noticed

Your crush won’t even know about you or your existence unless you make efforts to get noticed. Therefore, it’s important for you to do things that’ll make them notice you without coming across as being too needy or too desperate.

3. Start initiating casual conversations

If you somehow manage to get yourself noticed and are able to create a positive impression with your appearance, then the next thing you do is to initiate a casual conversation. Not only will that be a great opportunity for you to know your crush and vice-versa but it’ll be a foundation of your relationship.

4. Hang out with them to get to know them better

Watch movies together, go to clubs and hang out as much as you can, but make sure you do it all as a friend. This is the phase when you get to see how your crush is as a person, how compatible you are with them and if you’d actually want them to fall in love with you.

5. Start giving off hints

Little compliments, flirtatious comments and those physical gestures that show that you’re interested are the things you need to do to give them hints that you are looking for something a lot more than friendship. If they would be interested you will find them responding in the same way from their end.

6. Don’t wait for them to make a move

When you two are having conversations about life, showing vulnerability and enhancing your bonds, you really don’t want to wait for them to talk about their feelings towards you.

Take the initiative, subtly let them know how you feel about them, make the first move and it’s sure you will get a positive response.

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