Rhea Chakraborty issues a video statement on Sushant’s Case: Must watch

Recently Rhea had issued a statement in which she denied the allegations that have been charged on her. Watch the video below.
Infotainment Easy Ways To Speed Up A Website And Make It Lightening Fast!

Easy Ways To Speed Up A Website And Make It Lightening Fast!

Do you also think the speed of your website doesn’t matter? then you may also like disappointing your traffic as the one and only thing they want is speed and lack of speed can really get many negative comments exist against your size. The speed of a website is also a problem for the people who understands it’s importance. So what can one do to get a lightening fast website? well, here we present you the list of some easy ways to speed up a website:

1. Choose A Right CDN service

CDN - Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Website And Make It Lightening Fast!

Content Delivery Network or CDN is the service which provides several servers all around the world and the main function of these servers is to deliver your content to your visitors. Now, what’s the benefit?

When you save your content like images, videos and other data on these servers, they deliver it to your visitor through the nearest server around his location, thus automatically fastening the speed of your website in his eyes.

2. Reduce Redirects

Redirects - Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Website And Make It Lightening Fast!

Redirects are the links which transfer your connections to another link. The more the redirects you have, the more the time your website and the actual page takes to load. Therefore, always try to keep the number of redirects as minimum you can to get a good speed for your site.

3. Use The Right Plugins

Plugins - Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Website And Make It Lightening Fast!

Plugins are the tools which increase the functionality of your website through several ways. Just like any operatng system, your website also cannot handle too much load and the number of plugins you install increases the load on your site, thus making it slow. So always keep it in mind to use only necessary plugins and as few as possible and elimante unessecary plugins from time to time.

4. Optimize Images Before Updating

optimize - Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Website And Make It Lightening Fast!

Many content management programs like WordPress and Joomla provides an additional feature of optimizing the display size of images. This do sounds good but it pressurizes your visitor’s web browser to execute multiple process at the same time like initializing the size of your images while connecting. Such processes automatically slows down your websites and delivers a poor user experience.

To solve this problem you can use several image editors available on the internet to resize your images before uploading them.

5. Use Only One External CSS

External CSS

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the sheets which instructs the style requirements of your website. There are two ways in which your website uses this information which are through an external CSS file, which loads the informtation before the rendering of your page and inline CSS file, which is added in the HTML document itself. One is always suggested to use only external CSS sheet and in the quantity of one. More than one external CSS stylesheet can increase the HTTP requests of your website and result in its slow speed.

One can use any CSS Tool to know the number of CSS file his website uses and analyze them according to the information.

6. Compress Your Pages

Gzip - Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Website And Make It Lightening Fast!

High-Quality Content refers to the content which increases the size of your page up to more than 100kb. Such pages take more time to load and irritates the visitor. The transformation of those pages into zip files through a method known as compression is an easy soulton to overcome this problem. Compression will reduce the bandwidth of your webpages and will also reduce the HTTP response.

The most suggested compression tool is G-zip which can even minimize the size of your pages upto 70%.

7. Enable Caching

Cache - Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Website And Make It Lightening Fast!

Caching is the process which allows your visitor’s browser to save some important elements of your website so that whenever he comes to your website next time, the saved data can be loaded from his browser’s cache without sending another HTTP request to the server, thus reducing the loading time automatically and make your website appear faster.

These were some easy tips to implement on your website for boosting its performance but the real cause of a slow website is the poor management. Therfore, improving the management functions of your website can also deliver a change which will only be in an adition to the speed of your website.

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