Eating Cake And Blowing Out Candles On Birthdays Has These Reasons Behind Them


Have you ever wondered that why we eat cakes and blow out the candles on our Birthday? I hope many of you haven’t even wondered about this before. But let us make you focus on this. So here is what you need to know.

Why we cut cake and blow candles on birthday

The Tradition of having a birthday cake with the candles lit on the top of it is what people are following for so many years. But have you wondered why it happens? So the answer lies in some theories, that dates back to ancient times.

According to the theories, it was in the 18th century, when the tradition started in Germany. And the reason for it was a way to protect kids’ souls. On their birthdays. While yet another theory says that blowing out candles comes from the Egyptian culture, as it was a sign of royalty. Later on, This custom was transferred to the Greeks who related it to the goddess Artemis, to commemorate her birth. So on every month on the sixth day a cake decorated with lit candles. Just to please and worship the goddess. And was given as an offering. But later on, the tradition continued and the Royal people followed this. Now the tradition went so common, that we all started cutting cakes on our birthday.

Now let us tell you that why we blow out the candles:

Why we cut cake and blow candles on birthday

The answer to this is that the rituals of burning candles started, to ward off the evil spirits. Although for many it might sound awkward. However, in ancient times, people believed that burning candles and making noise can ward off evil spirits who visited people on their birthdays.

If we think of it in a supernatural way then the theories say that there is a hidden meaning behind this custom. That we are following for years now. According to this, it is believed that when we blow out the candles the smoke from it carries the wishes and prayers that we make to god on our special days.

Although it can be a myth. But if you believe in it next time whenever you blow the candle make sure to wish something great for yourself.

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