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Entertainment What Made 'Shape Of You' Got Famous Worldwide? Interesting Facts About The...

What Made ‘Shape Of You’ Got Famous Worldwide? Interesting Facts About The Song You Need To Know

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Shape Of You is not a song but it is a viral fever. Today, the Internet is a full of videos featuring people dancing and singing the song Shape Of You. This groovy song has everything that even makes a non-dancer tap his beat. It is getting immensely popular among the people. With so much attention on the song and a fire dance video to boot, we decided to uncover a few fun facts about Ed Sheeran’s perky number.

1) The song was originally meant for Rihanna. Yes, you heard it right! Sheeran revealed that in an interview. He said he wrote the song with Rihanna in mind. Later he decided to make it for himself as he found the lyrics won’t suit her.

2) In the same interview, Sheeran also revealed that Rihanna wasn’t the only artist the song was going to go to. The other artist in the list was Rudimental, a British band.

3) Ed Sheeran wrote the song to dedicate it to his current girlfriend most probably. Well, he is a very private person when it comes to his relationship with Cherry Seaborn but the song says it all. Hints like the “thrifty” first date, hearken back to what might be Sheeran’s younger years.

4) Shape of You wasn’t supposed to be on his new album. Ed Sheeran said this was the last song that was finished and he just didn’t put two and two together that this was even going to be on the album.

5) Sheeran had forgotten the words of his most popular while performing at the Grammy Awards.

6) One of the songwriters of the song ‘Shape Of You’ has a very famous girlfriend. Yes, Johnny McDaid is dating Courteney Cox! The two have had a rocky relationship and called off their engagement last year.

7) If you think “Shape of You” reminds of you something but you can’t find out what! Then we have an answer for you. It sounds similar to the iconic girl group’s “No Scrubs.”



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