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World You Won't Believe That Once This Beautiful Vogue Model Was a Man

You Won’t Believe That Once This Beautiful Vogue Model Was a Man

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This beautiful model can make everyone go gaga over her with her beauty! This 21 years old model name is Eden Estrada. Earlier she was a male model who walked the runways for big designers and graced the pages of Vogue but now is now cracking the industry as a woman. Yes, you read it right!

Eden Estrada a gorgeous model from Los Angeles became the Internet sensation when she worked as a male model. But somewhere deep inside she knew that this is not her. The body she is living in doesn’t belong to her. She accepted it without fear and let the world knew at just 20-years-old, what she actually is! The struggle was not easy initially due to the societal pressure but she defied all the odds, rose above and shine!

Eden accepted her true self and began her transition from male to female, completing it with top and bottom surgery at the age of 21. Eden said in a statement during an interview,

“My modeling career started before I transitioned – I was in Vogue when I was 16. It was really strange for me modeling before I transitioned because my body wasn’t fully there. Now that I’m doing it, I feel amazing. To medically transition was basically the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in my life because, to see your body, your mind and your soul finally change and be the person you wanted to be there’s no way to describe that.”

Take a look at her photos:


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