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Effective Way to Remove Your Contact Number From TrueCaller

There’s no need to describe the popular app “TrueCaller” but if you never ever heard about it, then I want to explain that this application shows the contact details of unknown numbers calling you. This app stores all its users address books, but even if you never ever use this app before your contact details could be on TrueCaller’s database and for this thanks to someone who’s saved your number in their address book.

The risky thing about this is that if you have your number in TrueCaller database, then people can  easily find the registered address via any publicly available Phone book or simply searching on google.

Now what to do for deleting your number from Truecaller:

Follow these steps to deactivate your account from this App. These steps depend on what type of mobile phone you are using such as iPhone, Android, or Window mobile.


First open the App> in the upper left corner tap on the people icon> Settings>About>Deactivate Account.


First open the App> in the top right corner tap on the gear icon> About TrueCaller> Scroll Down> Deactivate TrueCaller.

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Window Mobile Number:

First open the App> tap on the three dots in the bottom right corner> Settings> Help> Deactivate Account.

“Once you have deactivated your account, your next step is to remove your number from the service.”

How to remove the number from this service?


  1. Click the TrueCaller Unlist Page.
  2. Now enter your mobile number with the correct country code.
  3. Now tick one of the reasons for Unlisting.
  4. Fill the verification Code.
  5. Now Click Unlist.

Remove-and-Unlist-Your-Mobile-Number-From-TruecallerAccording to the App, it took 24 hours to remove your number from the database and that’s it. So now there’s no need to worry about how to remove a number from TrueCaller database, just follow these steps.

Source screenshots: Truecaller app for iOS.

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