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25 Years Old Muslim Pop Singer Sentenced To 2 Years Jail And The Reason is a Banana!

The popular Egyptian pop singer Shyma Ahmed is finally sentenced to 2 years jail. She was arrested on November 20 on charges of debauchery after she appeared in a music video suggestively eating a banana and other fruit.

25 years old Shyma was detained over the video for her song “I Have Issues.” In the video, she appears before a classroom of grown men dancing provocatively. The two-minute-long video has been lambasted in the conservative Egyptian press as profane.

After that Shyma publically apologized in the media saying she never meant to cause offense. and even deleted the video from the YouTube. She wrote on her Facebook page that:

“I didn’t imagine all this would happen and that I would be subjected to such a strong attack from everyone.”

A news published in the newspaper Youm Sabaa said that,

“25-year-old singer dances in lingerie, pour milk over a banana and points to lessons on a blackboard that has “Class #69” written on it were described as “symbols of vice”. The singer herself was giving a “lesson in depravity” to the youth.”

Here is the video:

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