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News Shame! Eight Iraqi Men From The Same Family Gang-Raped A German Woman...

Shame! Eight Iraqi Men From The Same Family Gang-Raped A German Woman In Austria

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Eight Iraqi men found guilty of gang-raping a German woman on the New Year’s eve of 2015/2016 in Austria. The Austrian court had announced its verdict on the heart-wrenching case of a gang-rape done by eight men.

These bastards are sentences ranging from nine years to 13 years. Out of these eight men, one was acquitted. According to the popular newspaper of Austria, the culprits stated that would appeal the case.

What happened on that day was, around the midnight the, the victim, a 28-year-old German woman who was drunk, got separated from her friends and met four men in front of an apartment. These four men took the lady into an apartment where there were already five other men waiting. These were aged between 22 to 48. They abused her and raped her turn by turn.

She was so drunk that she said when she awoke she did not recall what happened between about 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. but she knew that something bad had happened to her.

eight Iraqi rapers

As all the men are Iraqis and are refugees, this case had fired-up the refugee sentiments in Austria, whose residents was sharply divided in the 2016 presidential elections. Defense lawyer Andreas Reichenbach suggested the sentences imposed Thursday is a lesson for asylum-seekers. he stated,

“As we all know, asylum-seekers don’t have the best image here in Austria. I think that this surely played a certain role, to make it clear to these people that when they come to Austria that such behavior won’t be tolerated”

During the trial, just one defendant showed remorse and admitted that he committed the crime, while others claimed they were not at the crime scene, or that the woman gave consent. This case became worse when the suspects, which included a father and son duo, took selfie photos with the victims.

Due to this, the woman subsequently suffered serious psychological problems. A court statement said that the victim was given 25,000 euros (US$26,200) for her damage or loss.


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