Elder Brother Of Sushant Was Also Died Before Him


It has been a long time since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, but it is not easy for the family to forget their only son. Often these days, the sisters of Sushant Singh Rajput are sharing their thoughts and memories with fans. Recently, Shweta Kriti Singh shared an emotional post remembering Sushant. Through this post, she told that even before Sushant, he also had an elder brother who is no longer in this world.

Shweta posted and wrote, “I was always told that my parents wanted a boy. My mother’s first child was a boy. The joy of his birth was celebrated in my family, but this happiness did not last long. He died at the age of just one and a half years. At the time of the next child, they expected the boy and for this there was a lot of worship and havan and fasts were kept, but then I was born.” Read full story here:

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Part 1: I am experiencing bouts of pain. Right when I think I am coping with it better, some or the other incidence rushes right back into my memory and breaks me apart. One such memory I am sharing with you all… because it is said that the more you share your grief, the less it hurts. I have always been told by my family members that Mom and Dad wanted a son, more so because Mumma’s first child was a son and she had lost him at the tender age of one and half. I never got to meet my first sibling. But mom and dad were very hopeful for a second son…. they made a sankalp (mannat) and started praying to Maa Bhagwati for straight 2 years. They fasted, they meditated, they did puja, hawan and went to spiritual places and met spiritual people. But then I was born, on a Diwali day…. Mumma considered me very lucky and often called me Lakshmi Ji. They continued with their Sadhna, and a year later my little brother was born. Right from the beginning he was a charmer, he mesmerized everyone with his beautiful smile and twinkling eyes. So, this little one was my “Pithiya”. This is a term used in colloquial Hindi to signify the one who comes right after you. Mumma believed that I was the cause of his much-desired arrival into our lives and I accepted the honor whole heartedly. I was very protective about my little brother because I felt I was responsible for bringing him to this earthly plane. We were always time together, We played, danced, studied, did all sorts of mischiefs, ate, slept, did everything together so much so that people forgot we were 2 separate individuals, they even called us “Gudia-Gulshan” as if we were a single entity (Bhai’s nick was Gulshan and mine Gudia) And when we started going to school, we had to go to different classes. Bhai’s Nursery and my prep classes were in same building so we managed our 1st year of school pretty well. But then my UKG class was in a different building and his prep classroom remained in the same building, so we got separated. One day after lunch break was over I saw Bhai in my classroom, in my building. We were just 4/5 year olds then. #BhaikikahaniBehankizabani #Downthememorylane #LuvuBhai

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Significantly, since Sushant’s demise, the debate of nepotism and outsiders has once again started in Bollywood. At the same time, the fans are also constantly seeking justice for Sushant. However, the misery that Sushant’s family is facing will probably not be understood. His family is trying to overcome this pain. Although this pain is such that it will lessen with time but will never go away.

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