India Elderly Beggar Woman Who Saved Rs 6.61 Lakh, Donated Entire Amount To...

Elderly Beggar Woman Who Saved Rs 6.61 Lakh, Donated Entire Amount To Pulwama Martyrs

Sometimes somethings that happen in this world leave you all astounded. In Ajmer, Rajasthan, the trustees of an elderly woman, who was a beggar and had died in August 2018, have fulfilled her last wish by donating her savings worth Rs 6.61 lakh that she earned through begging her entire life, to the martyrs of Pulwama attack.


Woman’s name was Nandini Sharma. She had left behind a ‘will’ that her savings be used for the nation and the society. She was a beggar who used to beg at Ambe Mata Temple at Bajrangarh in Ajmer. She never used her money to buy luxuries for herself and saved her money in the bank. She used to deposit her everyday amount in the bank.

She also nominated two trustees to safeguard her account post her death. Her trustees who really did a great job were waiting for the right opportunity to donate the amount since the time of her death. Pulwama attack shook every Indian to the core and what else could be the better opportunity than to donate money to the martyrs. Trustees decided to donate the money to the martyrs of Pulwama attack will be a real tribute to Sharma.

They donated the money to the chief minister relief fund for the attack victims. Sandeep Gaur who is one of the trustees said,

“Despite the fact that her savings came from begging, she wanted it to be of some use to the country and hence, we considered it best to be used for the kin of the CRPF jawans killed in the Pulwama attack.”

Wow! Begger in life and donor in death!

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