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Election Commission Bans Ad Featuring Pm Modi Or Chief Ministers In Election Bound States




You won’t find any posters featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image in the Five election bound states from February 4 and those which are already installed will have to be removed.

election commission of india

The changes are a result of The Election Commission of India’s directive that all hoardings and posters which feature PM Modi, Chief Ministers and other political parties be removed in the poll bound states – Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Manipur.

The Election Commission today said that the Ad’s which use public money to venture the achievements of Political Parties or Ministers are a violation to the moral code of conduct.

Instructions have gone to top election officers in the states “that the photo of political leaders in all hoardings, advertisements that aim to project the achievements of any living political functionaries or political party should be removed or covered.”

election commission poster ban

The Congress had earlier urged the Election Commission to order the removal of PM Modi’s photograph from government posters at public places, including petrol pumps, in the election-bound states. The party objected to the Prime Minister’s photo in posters of oil companies put up to popularise a cooking gas scheme.

The model code of conduct is in place in the five states, where elections will be held from February 4 to March 8. The votes will be counted on March 11.

In an earlier order, the Election Commission has asked candidates to furnish, if they put up hoardings at private properties, a No Objection Certificate from the owner. The cost of such posters or hoardings would be added to the candidate’s expenditure list.

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