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News This Pornstar Will Stand Against World's Strongest President Vladimir Putin in Russian...

This Pornstar Will Stand Against World’s Strongest President Vladimir Putin in Russian Elections

Elena Berkova an ex-Russian pornstar from the city of Murmansk in northwest Russia announces something very interesting. She is the latest woman to announce she’ll be standing against President Putin in next year’s presidential elections. Busty brunette Elena Berkova previously stood for mayor of Sochi. She took to Instagram to post a video describing her plans.

Elena is 32 years old and a mother of two. She will be the fourth female candidate to run for office. In her claim to become a good president, she made the below statement:

“I made this decision recently, because women are actively taking part in the presidential campaign. Some of them are from show business, I ran for mayor of Sochi and took have taken part in politics, so I decided to run for the President of Russia. I plan to make divorces almost impossible for men, as these days women bear almost all the responsibility for children. I plan to introduce sexual and legal education in schools. And to introduce a mandatory sex exam. Often our youth still do not know about sexual legal norms, hygiene, not to mention pleasure. Censorship on clothes. For example – a violation of public order should be wearing a skirt above 40cm. The death penalty for harassment. We’ve got the Weinsteins, too.”

Source: Daily Mail Online

However, she got mixed reactions for her campaign from her 639,000 followers.


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