Game of Thrones’ final season is on the way. The first season will be premiered on April 14, 2019. The fans are excited all over the world. Apart from story, the show is also popular for serving nudity. One of the leads Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen has given a number of nude scenes in the show.

Well, she does it with the confidence, however, they haven’t gone down well with everyone, especially during the sixth season. It is when Daenerys emerges from a burning temple with her clothes melting away. She got slammed by the audience back then. But the actress revealed it recently she is still facing backlash over that particular scene.

Emilia in an interview said that “I get a lot of crap for having done nude scenes and sex scenes. That, in itself, is so anti-feminist. Women hating on other women is just a problem. That’s upsetting. That is all sex and nudity. People f**k for pleasure — it’s part of life.”

Source: BollywoodLife

On asking if she would change it or anything about GoT, she said, “There’s not one part of the show that I would go back and redo. People ask me the nudity question all the time. But the short answer is no, I would never change anything. You had to see those sex scenes, as they couldn’t just be explained.”

Source: BollywoodLife

Well, the worldwide popular show Game of Thrones’ final season is all set to appear on HBO on April 14, 2019.

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