India Famous Harry Potter Star And Hollywood Actress Emma Watson Posted The Photo...

Famous Harry Potter Star And Hollywood Actress Emma Watson Posted The Photo of This Indian Woman, You Will Get Shocked After Knowing Her!

The infamous rape case of Jammu & Kashmir not only raged people in India but in Hollywood too. It was a most brutal rape case in which the humanity got ashamed and shattered. 8 years old Aasifa Bano was gang-raped in Unnao, Kathua, J&K.

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From a common man to celebrities everybody protested against the rapists and demanded justice. Did you know famous Harry Potter actress and Hollywood star, Emma Watson also condemned the rape with innocent girl child Asifa. She supported Deepika Singh Rajawat, a lawyer who is fighting for Aasifa’s justice.

Emma back then shared a post and wrote,

“All power to Deepika Singh Rajawat ✊?”.

This post went viral on the internet ever since it was shared. She called Deepika a powerful woman. The photo being shared was taken when Deepika headed for Unnao Rape case’s hearing. To let you know Jammu Bar Association pressurized Deepika to leave the case but she didn’t. She told the media that “I will also get raped or will be murdered or they will cease practice in the court.”

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