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Alia Bhatt's dress worn on Riddhima's Birthday will surprise you. As it is equal to the cost of four days luxurious Dubai...
High Life This 1 Egg Costs 1000 Rupees, This is How Basanti is Earning...

This 1 Egg Costs 1000 Rupees, This is How Basanti is Earning Millions

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Farming of Australian bird Emu is becoming a rich source of income nowadays. Basanti, a farmer and a resident of village Gandke is becoming an inspiration for others in this field. She sells one Emu egg for thousand rupees. A female Emu gives 20 to 25 eggs in a year. At the same time, there is also a good demand for their meat in the market. Basanti is earning around Rs 2.5 Lakhs per year through Emu farming.

The best thing is that by this Basanti has opened the work opportunities to the other women of the village also. Basanti told that her husband Raj is a mason. By working as a mason, he runs the house expenses.

They had the financial crisis as the source of income was very low or was not enough to fulfill even basic needs properly. Taking this into mind, Sanjiv Verma, General Secretary of the Jharkhand Labor Committee, suggested her the idea of Emu farming in her village.

Emu farming idea was a boon to her. She is now earning in millions. Basanti told that she is associated with Emu farming since 2016. Emu farming in India is a popular and lucrative business model. Emu farming is very popular in some states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Emus are large sized poultry birds of ratite group and have high economic value. They produce valuable eggs, meat, oil, skin and feathers. They can adapt themselves to almost all types of agro-climatic conditions. They can be raised in both extensive and semi-intensive farming systems. USA, AUS and China are the leading countries in emu farming.


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