News End Of The World? Solar Eclipse Means End Is Near

End Of The World? Solar Eclipse Means End Is Near

According to conspiracy theorists, a spectacular ring of fire solar eclipse is a sign that end of the world is almost near.

The eclipse which was visible from the Southern Hemisphere on Sunday morning is actually an annual eclipse. It occurs when the moon slides in between the sun and the earth but doesn’t completely blocks the sun.

solar eclipse signs end of the world is near

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According to the naysayers at the website “Signs of The End of Times”, it is just one more sign that the end of world is nigh. Though the site claims the end but it will never reveal the exact date of the end. It said “in 2017, we are living right in the end of times for this world as we know it.”

It also states “If you take into consideration all the signs, there is no mistaking that our generation is living in the last days, nearing the second coming of Jesus.” As everything turned dark, the belief is similar to those held by the ancient Mayans and Pagans who thought it was the end of the world.

end of the world

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Today’s solar eclipse started at about 12:10 pm GMT, was at it utmost roughly at 2:58 pm GMT and set at 5:35 pm GMT on Sunday February 26. The eclipse was first visible in Chile and Argentina before moving across South Atlantic ocean and ending in Africa at Sunset.

The next solar eclipse will be seen over the US on August 21. Theories already sparked that this could also spell the end of the world. It will be first total eclipse over the century to travel from one coast of America to other.

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