Rohit Sharma has once again shielded Virat’s poor performance in the 2nd ODI after the people and journalists questioned his availability in the ICC Tournaments further. India’s attempt to win the Second ODI fell short of 100 runs as England’s bowling unit replicated India’s dominance of 1st ODI.

“He has played for so long, he has played so many matches, he is such a great batsman, so he doesn’t need reassurance,” said Rohit on Thursday (July 16). “I think in my last press conference I had told form keeps going up and down, I mean it is a part and parcel, whichever cricket player plays, it happens in everyone’s career. So a player who has played for so long, who has scored so many runs, who has won so many matches, he just needs one or two innings, that is what I think, I’m sure that is what everyone would think… whoever watches cricket. We know on this topic there are discussions, we have seen for so many years that performances of all players go up and down. But as I had said last time the quality of a player doesn’t become bad, I think we need to keep that in mind, the guy has scored so many runs, you look at his average, he has scored so many hundreds, he has the experience of it. Until now no player has come who has done well whenever he has played. So a bit of slump will come, it comes in everyone’s life..”

India lost their last 4 wickets in just 6 runs and Rohit too mentioned that the lower order needs to build confidence on scoring some crucial runs as it is not always that the top order might be having a good day on field

“It is also a challenge for us when we lose 5-6 wickets, we need to learn how to score runs lower down the order, we need to focus on this thing as to how to improve our balance and improve our batting, because whatever the situation of the game, if you back yourself, then you will get runs. We can learn from England how they batted after losing five wickets, they scored 250 runs. We can learn from them how to play,” said Rohit.