Sapna Pabbi Throws Light On The Summons Of NCB To Her

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Entertainment English TV shows that you just cant miss!

English TV shows that you just cant miss!

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English TV shows are widely popular along the Indian audience and we have no doubt as to why. They are completely full of drama, crime, comedy or whatever it takes to make a great show. They are completely different from the Indian daily soaps which do not attract the youth. Why would they? Indian shows have drama, conspiracy by a ‘sasu maa’ on her ‘bahu’ who is of course very decent and has no support.

Let’s have a look on a few great English shows.

  • Flash – Science fiction at its best is what I say about flash. It is from the renowned super hero comic series and has not lost its charm till date. How a normal forensic scientist turns into a super-fast meta human is an interesting tale.


  • How I met your mother –Is there any list of good shows that does not include this? Well yeah none! Get out and watch this super funny sit-com to check how he met their Mother? It shows 5 people living in NYC doing such stuff that you wish you could do like right now.



  • Blacklist – Drama at its best. How a super wanted criminal gets involved with the FBI to hand them over a list of criminals that control the underworld so to say. A super-Hot detective is there to add to the thrill.



  • Game of thrones – If you don’t know what this is then I suggest you to die! The newest season will be telecasted this April and the world is going crazy over it. Tale of a different world in the olden ages get you all mysterious and suspense is such that you could pull your hair out.



  • Friends – The legendary Friends is what defined comic shows. It is on the pinnacle of greatness. This is something that you just can’t and if you do then you will certainly not attain Moksha my friend.


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