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High Life Enhance Your Beauty With Most Expensive Makeover

Enhance Your Beauty With Most Expensive Makeover

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Eyebrows, lips, eyes on face enhance the beauty of a woman. Who doesn’t like to shape and groom them like an Instagram model, or creating high or dramatic arches? To get these classic eyebrows, lighter lips and beautiful eyes with liner people travel from around India and abroad to see Dr. Maria, an Indo-Canadian cosmetic tattoo artist. The craze is that high, you see!


Dr. Maria has done her training from different countries of the world including Canada, Germany and Korea. She has a number of trusted clients. Getting eyebrows through cosmetic measures is becoming a craze these days among people. Especially those naturally don’t have good brows or lost brow hair due to several reasons like over plucking or threading, Thyroid issues, cancer treatment or alopecia.

If you stumble upon those who are offering the alike services but at cheaper prices, you should stay attentive. Dr. Maria says,

“a perfectly shaped and balanced brows changes everything about a person, I have seen women who change dramatically after their session, in adult clients it takes years off Just like that, by the time I see them for follow up appointment, clients posture, style everything changes, just because of the added confidence, I have seen the cheap brow tattoo, it looks like someone just put dark pencil on the brows,makes it worse than before brining unwanted attention to the brows, a perfectly balanced brows brings in attention to your eyes and not the brows”

Brow tattooing can cost 30,000-50,000 INR. But to let you know, having these brow tattoo doesn’t mean now you need not to think about them for the rest of life. These brow tattoo often start fading a bit after a year, however, the touch-ups are much cheaper and faster.

Lighter Lips

Not eyebrow tattoo but Dr.Maria also specializes in tattooing dark lips. According to her making darker lips lighter through cosmetic is a long process. She says,

“ Most cosmetic tattoo artist, avoid touching dark lips as it’s very time consuming , the results are not instant, In most case to make a dark lips look lighter , it can take anywhere from 4-6 session and after each session the client has to wait for at least 45 days, as it takes about that long for true healing and for the colour to resurface, but the results are amazing and drastic and worth the wait”

For lighter lips makeover it can cost anywhere from 15,000-18,000 INR per session.

Eyeliner tattoo

They are perfect for those who play with eyes. Yes, people who really want to get rid of putting Kajal and eyeliner daily to their eyes can opt for this. Get a permanent kajal look from Dr. Maria. She says,

“It’s perfect for someone who dreads like applying liner every day, or someone who wants to enhance their lash line, I prefer clients have a thinner natural tattoo than dramatic wings, eyeliner tattoo stays for a very long time doesn’t fade easily, so it’s better to keep it natural and clean. And last but not the least scalp micropigmentation, it gives an illusion of having hair, perfect to cover up Hair transplant scar or thinning hair. The price depends on the are that needs to be covered.”

If you are one of those who really likes to do anything from the above or have any kind of queries related to cosmetic makeover you can freely ask for a free consultation on Whatsapp number 813 -704-9128 or log on to the Website: www.headandneck.in

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