News Enough is Enough! Baseless speeches of Politicians

Enough is Enough! Baseless speeches of Politicians

We know that we are living in a democratic country and we all have a “Freedom of Speech and Expression” but it doesn’t mean that our politicians are allowed to utter baseless speeches in front of masses.

Om Prakash Rajbhar who is an is an Indian politician and a member of 17th Legislative Assembly of Duddhi, Uttar Pradesh of India. He represents the Zahoorabad constituency of Uttar Pradesh and is a member and president of the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party (SBSP). He is the leader of the Ekta Manch alliance, of which the SBSP is a member.

He recently gave the speech in which he said to masses that if they will go in the rally of another party he curse them and you will suffer from jaundice. Is this the India of 21st century? What our politicians are speaking about? They literally speaking“Kuch Bhi” because they know that there’s nobody to ask such questions from them.

As an adult, we should ask about our jobs and development. We don’t have any need to listen such kind of baseless politics speeches. There is still chance to wake up and ask our politicians about employment and development. Youth should be aware of these kinds of things. Don’t let politics make you fool anymore. Except for some media channels, mainstream media is still busy in B-Town gossips and baseless debates on their channels just for the sake of TRP’s. I think this is the time to aware your friends and family to avoid such kind of debates and stop listening such baseless speeches.

This is really a matter of concern for our youth. If we will not ask our politicians than who will? This is not about Om Prakash only there are a lot of other politicians who gave such kind of comments which means nothing in the reality.

You can watch this video in Ravish Kumar’s”Prime Time” on NDTV. Check out the video given below:

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