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High Life Making Of Epic 12.5 Feet Long Dosa Via Death By Dosa

Making Of Epic 12.5 Feet Long Dosa Via Death By Dosa

As it was the wee hours of the day we, Akhil and Aditi, were craving for the yumilicious breakfast to satisfy our tummy. We were about to begin the adventure of making biggest Dosa ever. We ordered 30 Masala Dosas, 10 plates Upma, 10 plates Idli, 10 plates Vada, 10 plates Pulav and 10 Sheera along with that, 5 liters Sambhar and 5 liters Chutney. After seeing this big bang order, the manager asked us if we are throwing a party? we replied its all for us! 

After getting the order, the journey towards the epic Dosa begins. We put all the Dosas in the sequence and mashed everything including Upma, Idli, Vada, Pulav, and Masala. Put this paste on the Dosas we put in the sequence and rolled out. Here it goes, a Dosa equals to 149.8 inches/12.5 feet/ 2 tall humans was ready to satisfy our hunger. Watch the epic video of this epic Dosa here:

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