Entertainment Take A Look Of That Epic Interview From Film Nayak That Nailed...

Take A Look Of That Epic Interview From Film Nayak That Nailed Corrupt Politics

The film Nayak is a great artwork of Indian cinema that actually features something that encourages us to do better. Although the movie was an average hit during the time it got released in 2001. However, it got more popularity after coming on TV screens. People appreciated it for its strong storyline that revolves around the bitter truth of Indian politics.

epic interview from the film nayak

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Shivaji Rao, Anil Kapoor, played his role to the core, he happens to be an ambitious TV reporter that records the conversation of the CM during the riots. How CM let people die only for the sake of votes and due to police inaction there is a loss of life and damage to property. 

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To explain his actions, Chauhan, Amrish Puri later agrees to a live interview with Shivaji, during the course of which Rao raises these issues and airs the Chief Minister’s stand he had caught on tape. Watch the video of this epic interview here:


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