Eros Now Apologies For Vulgar Navratri Post After Boycott Trends In Cyber World


Music company Eros Now had congratulated Bollywood celebs on Navratri by posting photos on social media. Ever since then, users have been saying that they are making fun of Hindu festivals through it. Now the music company has apologized.

Eros Now issued a statement on social media and wrote- ‘We at Eros love our cultures equally. If it not, and it has never been, our intention to hurt anyone’s emotions.’ Have a look:

Kangana Ranaut has also targeted Eros Now on social media. Kangana wrote, ‘We must preserve cinema as a community viewing theatre experience, its more difficult to enthrall largesection of audience than sexualise content for personal viewing.’

This step of Eros Now has also been criticized by Arun Yadav, head of IT cell of BJP Haryana. He said that it is wrong to tamper with the sentiments of any religion in the name of creativity and he strongly opposes it.

Arun Yadav has strongly raised this issue on social media and a large number of users are supporting his hashtag.

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