Infotainment Roller Coaster Or A Bridge? Too Much Confusion!!!

Roller Coaster Or A Bridge? Too Much Confusion!!!

Everyone loves a roller coaster ride, OOPS!!! maybe not the ones who are scared of it but would you like to know how will it feel if you’re riding a roller coaster in your car itself?

Well, you can really get that feeling in Japan’s Eshima Ohashi bridge which is inclined enough to make anyone’s hair stand on their end. The bridge don’t have any dangerous turns or loops but still thousands of super confident and experienced drivers are scared to drive on it.

Eshima Ohashi bridge connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato and is 1.7km long and 11.3m wide.


Moreover, this bridge is also the third largest rigid frame of the world.


From far, the bridge looks almost impossible for anyone to climb.

Eshima Ohashi bridge

It looks like that all the cars will just slip down and crash.

Eshima Ohashi bridge

Although the bridge looks terrifying, it is really very safe for anyone to drive. It is just the matter of perspective. The bridge is inclined from such a great height only to even late the largest ships pass below it.

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