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High Life Etiquettes That Every Lady Should Know

Etiquettes That Every Lady Should Know

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#1 Slouching-  For being a good looking smart lady you should work for your posture too. You should exercise daily, take care of your health and even take care of your skin too.

#2 Too Much make-Up-Don’t apply too much make-up. Make-up is important we know. But whenever it comes about formals, you should avoid more make-up. Just little foundation, mascara and lip gloss can work well for you.

#3 Don’t be Too Fussy-A lady with class knows how o control her nervousness and how to behave in such situation. She will never play with her hairs and make her face speaking her nervousness.

#4 Don’t Finish the Soup-When it comes to table etiquettes, don’t finish all your soup even if is your favourite one. Leave the last sips in the bowl.


#5 Don’t Be rude and spread rumours-A true lady will never behave rudely with someone. moreover, she never takes interest in gossiping and whipping. Because she doesn’t want to waste her time on such kind of useless things.

#6 Avoid talking and laughing loudly- Yes! it’s quite Obvious that a lady shouldn’t speak in loud or aggressive tone. her tone should be same while whether she is talking to her grandmother, the 3-year-old child and a President.

#7 Don’t eat on the road- It’s a quite simple thing to be avoided by a modern lady. You shouldn’t eat while walking. If you can, they manage to eat at the place of eating.

#8 Don’t be too honest- This is about strangers. Being honest has nothing to do with the strangers. Don’t behave like an open book for everyone.

#9 Don’t be Late-A real lady knows the value of her time and also of there. So, she never gets late willingly.

#10 Never refuse food and drink by hosts- When it comes to being guest, you should never refuse drinks and food offered by your host.

#11 Don’t Blow on your food to cool down-Yes! again a table etiquette, let your food get cool down. Don’t ever blow on your food.

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