Even Delhi High Court Judge Got No Reply When He Dialled ‘100’

Even Delhi High Court Judge Got No Reply When He Dialled ‘100’

What can be more worse than this? Delhi High Court Justice Vipin Sanghi called helpline service ‘100’, but he didn’t get any reply. This sort of stuff exactly prove the fact that a person is in India or he is trying to contact the Indian police helpline.  A PIL has been filed after Chief Justice G Rohini took strict action in the cognizance of the issue.


In effect of this issue, Vipin Sanghi wrote a letter to the police commisioner about the poor response. He added in the letter that “On April 29, when I was on way to Vasant Kunj to attend a wedding reception. There was a big traffic jam and I was stuck for about 40 minutes. Since I could not spot any traffic policeman on the road to manage traffic, I called on 100 number at 10.12pm to inform police about the jam. But,the call went unanswered and despite holding the call for five minutes, there was no answer.”


He further said that any call made to 100 should be answered immediately as it is very likely that it may be called by people in a immense emergency. Grow Up Delhi Police, lets be HONEST!

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