The case of the naughty parrot has everybody at the Rajpura police Station at Maharashtra, rolling over the floors with laughter.


Apparantly, an 85-year old woman, Janabai Sakharkar filed a complaint against a parrot(Hariyal) and it’s owner Suresh, for teaching the parrot abuses which it hurled at the woman whenever she passed by their house.

The major twist, Suresh is Janabai’s stepson.

The police however, did not take the issue casually and called both the parties to the station, including Hariyal.


The parrot, when checked did not show any signs of speaking let alone hurling abuses at the woman. According to police, there is an ongoing dispute over property going on between Janabai and Suresh.

Even though the parrot did not utter a word while in the station, it can be attributed to the new surrounding and strangers. It’s a known fact that parrots repeat random words that they hear a lot and that Suresh may be abusive and hence the case.


But gladly for Hariyal, and sadly for Suresh, he was not returned to his owner. He was handed over to the Forest Department for rehabilitation.