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High Life Even WOMEN Criticize the Use of CONDOMS!

Even WOMEN Criticize the Use of CONDOMS!

It is extensively believed that when it comes to Intimacy and Sexual Relationships, Most of the Men prefer to do it without the use of Condom. Men are not the only offenders that Hate the love Glove but Women too do not really custom its use. 

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So many problems are easily Evaded where the point ‘PLEASURE’ is concerned. Here are some of the Reasons why Women object the use of Condoms.

  • Smell of the Latex :-

Some Women have associated the Smell of Condoms to that of a balloon. As a result, these days, condoms have different Flavors such as Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry , Banana etc. As far as the scientific side is concerned, A Condom is a latex sheath which could be used as a Child Spacing Method and also a tool to prevent diseases especially the STD (sexually transmitted diseases).

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  • Kills The MOOD

Men generally take less than a Minute to slither the Condom onto the Penis. As Outrageous as it sounds, this kills the mood for women. Women love safe Sex but more often, they get The best pleasure without The use of Condoms.

Passionate Couple Foreplay At Night Selective Coloring

  • Women love the Smoothness of SKIN.

Most of the Women like Intercourse without Condom because the feeling of Penis and skin inside is totally a bomb of pleasure. Every Emotion is a little bit Warmer and Energetic with the smoothness of the penis inside.

  • Some Women are Allergic to Condoms

Some people have real allergies to Latex. Around 4% of the women, world population is allergic to Latex. Such typical Sex is surely not that much Romantic as much as you were hoping for. Consult your Gynaecologist and resolve some other ways of Contraception.


We usually blame it on men for not using the Condoms but there are some Women too who do not like using it. Consult your Doctors and ask for Some Other methods of Contraception. Trench the Condoms and Intimate safe!
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