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High Life Ever Feel Like Running Away? Try These 11 Things To Help You...

Ever Feel Like Running Away? Try These 11 Things To Help You Shake It Off

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May a times in life we feel the urge to drop everything off and just run away from everything. You just can’t help but feel irritated, restless and lonely and don’t wish to face anyone or do anything at all. You don’t feel like being at work or even head home or meet your friends later but at the same time you wish something or someone could make you feel better. Totally messed up right?

I have had this feeling so many times, haven’t you? Well, in case you have, here some very basic things you can try to help you shake it off! Because we possibly can’t go running away from life everytime we feel low, right?

1. Go for a candle light Dinner at your favorite Restaurant. Alone.


Sometimes you just need to be with one person and that is YOU! So go out and gorge on your favorite cuisine in the company fo your own wonderful self for a candle lit dinner at your favorite eating place.

2. Call an old friend who you haven’t talked to for quite long. 


Calling an old friend who has been out of your life for a while could be refreshing and might help you forget your own troubles listening to their stories.

3. Or just best to Sleep on it.


Sleep is our best friend. Nothing helps you drift away from every damn worry and trouble than the way sleep does.

4. Make time for a fancy Spa Appointment.


Soothe your mind and body with a luxurious erotic spa. It’ll calm you and rejuvenate you to the core.

5. Do Yoga or Meditation.


Meditation and yoga helps you connect with your inner self bringing you peace of mind and harmony in your daily endeavours.

6. Take a Loooong, Hot Bubble Bath.


A loong hot water bubble bath is what we need after any day. Light up some scented candles and play a light music and get in that tub full of Happiness.

7. How about a small Weekend Trip? Travel Solo.


Don’t think too much on this one. Just bok yourself for that small trip on the weekend that you’ve always wanted but kept pushing it. Travel Solo, meet new people connect with world. In short, feel better.

8. Bring in some Change. Redecorate your Room.


Time to redecorate your room. Make it more cozy and style it the way you’d want. your room is your own piece of heaven at home.

9. Clean. 


Focus all the negative energy into doing something positive or constructive. Clean out your surroundings, your room or your house, cleaning out mess from your room ought to make you feel like cleaning the mess of your life.

10. Binge Watch. Just about anything you want.


Just lay in your cozy bed with your favorite soft, warm blanket after making a cup of hot coffee for yourself of course, and watch whatever you wish your whatever’s playing.

11. Go through an Old Album. Relive happy memories.


Another positive aspect of cleaning is that you get go through your picture albums and relive all those beautiful happy memories.

My personal favorite activity during such times is well Shopping! Just go out Pamper yourself by buying some stuff for yourself! Until next time 😉

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