Infotainment Ever Imagined Why The Champagne Cork Expands On Opening The Bottle? Here’s...

Ever Imagined Why The Champagne Cork Expands On Opening The Bottle? Here’s The Answer!

Any Champagne lover out there? Remember your old days when you used to wonder about when will the time come when we too will get the opportunity to unlock the mesmerizing champagne? And a similar question arises as what is the reason behind the opening of such bottle? You don’t have to worry, we’ve got an answer for you.


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Basically, it all depends on the size of the cork. The Champagne often begins its life with a crown cap along with a little yeast and sugar, that makes it bubbly. After staying under that cap for a minimum of 15 months, as per the law in champagne, it gets ejected and the cork is then put inside and shipped to different places. Basically, the cork is only one big cylinder which is uniformly shaped. And since Champagne is a drink that gets consumed quickly, the cork fails to get the required time to get back in its original size.

reason behind such explosive opening of champagne

You already know that older the wine, the better it tastes. But a difference of one year can make a huge difference in its taste. Try doing it next time and we’re sure you will be in for a sweet surprise.

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