High Life Women Every Women Gets "Stripped" Daily, This Video Describes How And Why

Every Women Gets “Stripped” Daily, This Video Describes How And Why

Stripped! What image forms in your mind when you hear the word “stripped”, obviously a girl being stripped, right! But a serious question arises why not we imagined a guy or a man? To say and show we are developing India is becoming “Digital” but in reality, this is not the case. We are growing in technology but we are lacking our moral values.


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Indian society is full of people who are still living with a 100-year-old mindset. Especially towards a woman. Woman are still not truly independent. They are still a victim to eve teasing and this is not something which happens rarely! This happens daily and with every single woman. When our society is going to be open-minded, and stop  blaming girls for every injustice which happens with them. Is it even possible for people to have  a mindset like that!!


A crime like an eve teasing is taken lightly. This happens with every girl! is the greatest excuse towards the cruelty which men do with women.


To describe what a girl goes through in their daily life, A video named “Stripped” has been made by Join films.The movie, narrates the story of a normal day in a girl’s life, what happens around her and what she feels inside.  Here is the video –

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