High Life Everyday Struggle Faced By Highly Intelligent People ! Are You One Of...

Everyday Struggle Faced By Highly Intelligent People ! Are You One Of Them

There are different kinds of people all around the world from average intelligent to dumb, to highly intelligent people. Okay so according to basic norms highly intelligent people live their life comfortably they get settle down, earn good money and etc. But everything has a side effect to it. And being highly intelligent can cause a trouble sometimes. You get cornered as there are more  dumb people than intelligent exist.

Making Friends Is A Real Struggle For You !


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Finding someone who has the same amount of interest in things is very hard. Getting someone with your type mental caliber can be tough. Sure, there are people working and roaming around you but you still find it tough to gel with them.

People Consider You Arrogant And Call You “Mr. Know It All”


When you correct someone mistakes they are bound to get jealous and that is what happens with you all the time ! As an intelligent person, you know a lot of things and when someone makes mistakes you help them but they often misunderstand your intentions.

You Overthink !


Your favorite thing is only one – Overthinking. whenever you are free you can only think of thinking ! by overthinking we do not mean overthinking about shitty things and your partner ! It means creating opinions, thinking of ideas, solving your problems.

You Are An Introvert !!

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On a large base , it is true but that does not mean that every intelligent person is an introvert, some are not. But on a large outlook they are ! And maybe that is the reason that intelligent people are good listeners too.

You Find Happiness Overrated


You find happiness overrated as you reach success by doing hard work and little things make you overthink.

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