Everything You need to Know About Free Fire Advance Server

Garena Free Fire has consistently been expanding out on variety of features whether it’s a new weapon, skin or new in-game features to make the game more fun than ever. And before Free Fire actually adds on these updates to the original servers of the game, they are being tested before-hand in the Advance Server called the OB27.

Free Fire has recently launched the Advance Server OB27 for the players who want to test out these new updates before they become the part of the game, or not. There are a few things about the advance server that you need to know in order to be part of it. But before we actually move on, check out some of these exquisite items and Free Fire Accounts that you can get for cheap.

Free Fire OB27 Advance Server

Free Fire has recently announced a lot of changes that will be seen in the next patch and we can already see some of those changes in the Advance Server. These changes include the revamped UI for the character system and on top that there are some characters whose skill abilities have also been adjusted.

One of the key changes made is that the normal and awakened abilities of the characters have been merged into one, it can be observed in the Advance Server.

A bunch of new weapons have also been added namely Kord, Akimbo USP and Flamethrower. All these weapons can be acquired for different game mods but that’s yet to be confirmed and I guess we will have to wait it out till the update comes in.

New Characters

Besides all the weaponry and the UI, the players can expect some brand-new characters as well. As for the new Advance Server, it offers 3 new characters so far.

Awakened Andrew  

One of the characters is Awakened Andrew and amongst his abilities are the power to reduce the damage of armor by 8% and an additional 0.15 damage reduction from every teammate that carry this skill.


According to what we know from the officials, Xayne has the ability to get 100 HP temporarily, 50% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. The ability lasts for a total of 8 secondswith a Cooldown of 150 seconds.

Mystery Character

Mystery Character ain’t no mysterious at all, according to what we know this Mystery Character has the ability to increases the damage with distance, up to 5% and the damage to marked enemies increases by 5%.

That’s not all there is for the upcoming updates, there’s also a cute little pet that helps you reduce the damage caused by the enemies while you are using Med kit and stuff like that.

But keep in mind that not everything that is part of the Advance Server will also be part of the original update in the game, after all that’s all for the purpose of testing out. And in order to join the server, to test things out, you will have to download the APK file from the Free Fire website.