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High Life Examples Of A Creepy Guy Behaviour, According To Science

Examples Of A Creepy Guy Behaviour, According To Science

Let Us Tell You Some Examples Of Creepy Behaviour

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Let us just make it clear to you, yes, there is a thing as “Creepy Guy”. There is a lot of signs by which you can identify a creepy guy. First, let us tell you what is a creepy behaviour! When a person makes you uncomfortable in a weird kind of way this reflects creepy behaviour. A study published in New Ideas in Psychologywhich is the first ever study of “creepiness”, the authors of the study says that “We analyzed the perspectives of 1029 women and 312 men with an average age of 29 to determine the most common markers of a “creepy” individual.” 

The main result of this study was that “men” were found to be  more CREEPY than a women!! ( yeah, like we did not know it before!!! ). We are  not sure as to what definite signs make a guy creepy or what is a creepy kind of behaviour. But, We have eight examples of creepy behaviour.

HE KEEPS ON STARING  : Example one of creepy behaviour

@Miss Malilni

He keeps on staring at you for no obvious reason other than he is a phycho! Being stared even before someone talks to you makes you feel weird and a hell lot of comfortable. A creepy guy will keep on staring even if he knows that you have noticed him.

HE TOUCHES YOU FREQUENTLY : Example two of creepy behaviour


A girl has her comfort zone with every guy she meets, some are not in her comfort zone and minimum probably  she has only one or two of best friends. So, when a random guy gives her an unwelcomed hug or a kiss on the cheek, this is some shitty example of creepy behaviour.

HE SHIFTS EVERY CONVERSATION TO SEX : Example three of creepy behaviour

@Forever Twenty

A guy should be able to understand that bot every single girl is totally okay taking about sex! And it can offend any girl. But creepy guys cannot understand this thing and they with weird thoughts in their head drift every conversation towrads sex.

HE OUT OF NO WHERE WANTS A SELFIE WITH YOU : Example four of creepy behaviour

@The Gloss

We take photos or selfies with someone we know or are with friends with. So, if a guy asks for a photo or selfie with you out of no where he is a CREEP.

HE ASKS FOR YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS : Example five of creepy behaviour


When there is no need to ask for personal details, such as where you live or go to college etc. Watch out as he is a CREEP!

There are other creepy alert signs also which you all should know for example when he is elder than you okay…it is okay to be elder but not a weird sexaholic guy!, the creep never shows emotions or look in your eyes! Spoiler alert.

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