Sushant’s friend Questions about missing diary and Finances


A close friend of Sushant named Nilotpal Mrinal has spoken to Pinkvilla raising a series of questions related to the actor’s death.

In a recent report related to Sushant Singh’s case. A close friend of the actor named Nilotpal Mrinal has exclusively spoken to Pinkvilla raising a series of questions related to the actor’s death. Nilotpal who is known to have political ties in Bihar has been raising his voice in favor of the actor. So that he can get justice.

Nilotpal earlier also has kept his views and queries related to the death case of Sushant. But the latest one was exclusive with PinkVilla. In which he has spoken about his finances and also talked about the personal diary, from which 3 pages were missing. Let us tell you that the actor’s diary has 3 missing pages on which Mrinal questioned why police did not investigate those missing pages. He further said that if Sushant did it. Then why are the fingerprints not found? And therefore there must be a check on these fingerprints. He further said that it seems that someone wore the gloves and then tear the pages of the diary. It all seems a mystery he added.

After this, he also questioned the missing finances from his account. He made a big statement and said that according to the Mumbai police if Sushant was not well and suffering from the bipolar disease then who was handling his finances. Pointing Rhea he said “The actress annual income was 14 lakh rupees and the lawyer’s charges are 10 lakh rupees per day. Where is she getting the money from?” And therefore all things must be questioned.

Checkout Nilotpal Mrinal’s exclusive interview with Pinkvilla below:

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