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Trending Exercises That All Couch Potatoes Will Love And Keep Them Fit

Exercises That All Couch Potatoes Will Love And Keep Them Fit

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How wonderfulit would be if you could just lie in the bed watchig your favorite movies for the whole day without having to move around. Oh yes! We love to be couch potato kinda lazy at some point and with getting everything at the touh of a screen or hitof a button we have become really spoiled. But it does effect our health for worse. So in order to stay fit while being lazy here are some exercises that all couch potatoes will keeping them fit.

1. Ball Sitting 


This exercise is best to work on your core as sitting on a ball requires you to balance your body on the spherical object thus making your core stronger and giving you a right posture.

2. Wall Sit


This is one of my favorites. All you gotto do is sit against a wall with your knees aligned with your feet and shoulder width apart. Make sure that your legs make a right angle and you feel the burn. It is a great workout for legs.

3. Leg Raises while sitting on a chair


While you spend your whole day sitting on a chair at work or even at home, make sure do to leg raises- one leg at a time. Also you can raise your knees as another variant of this exercise.

4. Walk and Talk

In this Monday, March 31, 2014 photo, an Indian woman speaks on her mobile phone as she walks through a shopping center in New Delhi, India. As India begins its weekslong election process Monday, April 7, the enormous population of ambitious, tech-savvy and politically engaged youths has more potential than ever to sway the outcome. More than 378 million of India’s 814 million eligible voters between 18 and 35, according to census records. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)

If you are a person who goes long on a call then make sure you walk it through your call. Walking or evn going up and down the stairs at a normal pace while you’re on the phone.

5. Pushups and Situps on the Bed


If you can’t get your ass up from the bed or not feeling like it then you better do some pushups or situps while you’re cozying up with the bed.

6. One song runs

Man running while listening to music

If you love listening to music, time for you to make your on the run playlist. And play your favorite song from the list and run for the whole duration it plays without stopping.

7. Floor Presses and Stomach Crunches



If you’re too lazy,just like me, to even get up from that chair then you must do the Floor presses. Just press your legs against the floor so that your muscles in the legs flex. Also do stomach crunches which involves exhaling while you flex your abs.

8. Bicep Curls


The only conventional exercise is the bicep curls. It is the best exercise for your biceps while you’re sitting. YOu can even stack weights at your workplace and workout whenever you find time or during short breaks.

Being Lazy not so bad anymore eh? 😉

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