India Exorcist Kills And Rapes 15 Year Old Girl In Front Of Her...

Exorcist Kills And Rapes 15 Year Old Girl In Front Of Her Parents

Every day we are failing both as a nation and society because we can’t be able to protect our women from ills. In a heart-wrenching incident in Uttar Pradesh, a 15-year-old girl was killed and her body was raped by an exorcist in front of her parents. And yo know who are the real culprits? Her parents as they allowed exorcist to do this because he made them believe that they would get five kilograms of gold if they allow him to perform his rituals.

Uttar Pradesh horror: Promising gold, Exorcist kills and rapes girl in front of her parents


The Whole Incident-A Case Of Human Sacrifice

Mahaweer Prasad, 55, who is a jeweler by profession in Kannauj (Uttar Pradesh) was going through financial crisis. He with his wife Pushpa met Krishna Sharma, who worked as a part-time driver for Mahaweer, had advised them that they will get 5 kg of gold if they do so.

Annapurna Temple

On Tuesday, they all went to Annapurna temple. Kavita, the daughter, was apparently in a semi-conscious state and was stripped and strangled in front of her parents. Krishna then raped her dead body.

In the end, after receiving nothing, Mahveer filed a complaint against Krishan who was later arrested. He explained the complete incident to the Police and the girl’s parents have been taken into custody for questioning.

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