5G spreading Coronavirus

What is going viral is the second wave of coronavirus is causing a terrible situation in the country. There are rows of corpses in the crematorium for lack of beds and cremation in hospitals. In such a situation, a post is now going viral on social media. The post is claiming that people are dying from 5G testing worldwide and it is being called the corona epidemic.

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And what is the truth?

  • To find out the truth of the viral post, we searched the keywords related to it on Google. In the search results, we found information related to the viral post on the World Health Organization (WHO) website .
  • According to the website, Covid-19 is also spread in countries that do not have a 5G mobile network. 5G mobile network radio waves do not transmit or help in spread of coronaviruses. See below:
  • During the investigation, we also found a video related to this news on the WHO YouTube channel.
  • During the investigation, we checked the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) website , where we got information related to the viral post.
  • According to the website, misinformation about 5G is still being spread. 5G mobile internet is neither killing people nor spreading viruses.
  • It is clear that the post that is going viral on social media is fake.
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