Entertainment Exposed: Why Sooryavansham is Repeatedly Telecast By Set Max in India

Exposed: Why Sooryavansham is Repeatedly Telecast By Set Max in India

 Whenever we use to tune channels on TV, we often see Sooryavansham featuring on Set Max. This film made a record of featuring much than other films. Sooryavansham’s characters are popular among the audience such as Heera Thakur, Radha, Gauri and Major Ranjit. This film already grabbed the highlights on social media. There are several jokes and memes on this particular movies you can find easily on social media.
Amitabh bacchan saundarya raghu
However, the reason behind featuring the film repeatedly might be – this movie was got released in the year 1999 on 21st May, the same year when Set Max had been launched. Amitabh Bachchan had played the double role in the movie. Now the channel is changed from Set Max to Sony Max.
Saundarya in sooryavansham
On a sad note, film’s main lead actress Saundarya Raghu is no more in this world now. She died in an airplane crash. Sooryavansham was the first and last Bollywood movie of this south Indian actress.

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