Extraordinary birds
Extraordinary birds

No one can compete with nature. As it has a variety of things to offer us. From unique plants to amazing creatures. There is so much to explore. But no matter how much we discover nature. There are so many creatures and plants that we might have missed seeing. So below we have shared the photos of extraordinary birds. That seems to be coming straight away from the coloring books.

It is believed that approximately 9,000 to 10,000 bird species live on Earth. Basically, they are distinguished by their appearance – there is a huge variety of bird shapes and colors. And there are such beautiful birds that you just can’t take your eyes off! So if you missed these beauties just scroll down to set your eyes on them.

Golden pheasant

Secretary bird

Crowned pigeon

Curly pigeon

South American Harpy

Dracula parrot

Mandarin duck

Diamond pheasant

Red-lipped coquette

Crested duck

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