Extraordinary Things That Have Been Banned Around The World.


Traveling is a passion for many people. There are so many who love to travel around the world. Where some explorers want to experience culture and food. Others board on planes in the hopes of discovering history and nature in far off destinations. But no matter why you’re traveling abroad, it’s good to remember that some places have rules, regulations, and laws that may seem foreign to you. So here are some bizarre rules that many of you haven’t heard yet.

Baby walkers have been banned in Canada

The baby walker ban officially came into law in April 2004. As per the information the Health Canada collected data from 16 hospitals across the country and discovered more than 1,900 babies aged five to 14 months suffered baby walker injuries between 1990 and 2002. And therefore calculating it all the country Under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, banned it and Canadians are not allowed to manufacture, import, advertise or sell baby walkers.

Men in Iran are not allowed ponytail or any long hairstyle. 

Long hairstyle is in trend these days, and gone are the days when only females kept the long hair. People from all over the world have tried this fashion. But do you know that in Iran the men are not allowed to do this? Well, it’s not the only hairstyle that the country banned: Western hairstyles including “ponytails, mullets, and long, gelled hair for men” are not allowed.

Lacey underwear is banned from being sold in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Lacy underwears are favorite of many girls, however, not everyone is fortunate to take the privilege to use it. As per the information Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan effectively banned lacy lingerie. The ban was put keeping in view the health issue. As the fabric isn’t breathable for the skin. 

Importing chewing gum into Singapore is banned

Chewing is something that we all love to eat, but do you know that chewing gums are banned in Singapore infact the weird thing is that You can get fined up to $100,000 (SGD) and can land up in jail if caught. As per the law, only certain gums are allowed in the country for medical reasons.

In Rome, you aren’t allowed to keep a goldfish in a glass bowl. 

In Rome, Italy, you aren’t allowed as the bowl restricts oxygen flow and can cause them to go blind. A part of the law also prohibits people from giving away goldfish, or any other animal, as a prize.

High heels have been banned at all historical sites in Greece. 

You would be shocked to know that the visitors are banned from wearing heels at all historical sites as the point on high-heeled shoes puts too much pressure on the ground and it can chisel away at the architectural sites. The rule however started in 2009, but not many are aware of this.

Pennies have been banned in Canada 

As per the laws, You’re not allowed to use more than 25 pennies per transaction in Canada. This was implemented in 2013 in an effort to phase out the coin. The Currency Act states: “A payment in coins … is a legal tender for no more than … 25 cents if the denomination is one cent.”

 It is forbidden to wear blue jeans in North Korea.

North Korea is a country that has its own rules. And the country far beyond strict for its citizens. One of the bizarre rules is that wearing blue jeans is illegal. North Korea’s law system is way too strict and harsh to its people. The leader Kim Jong-il feels, blue denim signifies a “symbol of American imperialism”. Hence, in North Korea jeans are made in black.

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