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High Life Eye Problem: Follow these tips to keep your eyes Healthy During Lockdown

Eye Problem: Follow these tips to keep your eyes Healthy During Lockdown

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Eyes are the most precious thing of our body,and therefore taking care of them is must. But these days due to lockdown we are putting quite a lot of strain oon our eyes.Many people are attending online classes, while many are attending online meetings. Along with them are those who are working from their homes.These have increased the risk of eye problems, including watery eyes, red eyes, swollen eyes, headaches. So if you are also among the one’s who is spending hours on screen then you need to follow these amazing tips

# Keep Your eyes aligned with the screen.If the central part of the screen is not parallel to your eyes, then it may cause you problem. Also Sit in the right posture to avoid spine pain.

# Avoid working in dim light, since it can put stress to your eyes. And make sure to put laptop or desktop at least 50 cm away from yourself. 

# Take your eyes away from screen after every 20 minutes.For this, you can watch other things except the screen for 20 seconds. 

 #Do not focus on the screen while doing work from home in lockdown. Keep blinking your eyelids at regular intervals. This will reduce pressure on the eyes.

# Consume food that rich in omega -3. Also, keep consuming the food that is rich in vitamins and healthy for your eyes.


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