Rajveer Bansal A 17 Year Old Student launching App To Help Stray Dogs

Rajveer Bansal a student of Jayshree Periwal International School in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Talked about launching app, named 'Teens For Tails' to help stray...
Trending Eyeshades for different skin tones.

Eyeshades for different skin tones.

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Eyes are the windows of the soul, and having beautiful eyes is a desire of every woman. So all the beautiful ladies out there here are some suggested eyeshades that can make you look gorgeous on those special occasions when u desire to make everyone’s head turned.

From mascaras to eye shadow palettes and eyeliners every stuff plays a very important role in making your eyes look like a goddess, but only these tools don’t work unless you are aware of using tricks that makes the eyes appear stunning and beautiful.

First of all choosing, the eye makeup according to your skin tone is a very  important aspect when you are desiring for those lovely looking eyes. Wrongly selected eye makeup can make your eyes look dull instead of looking gorgeous, so ladies here are some suggested eye shades according to the skin tone and that can glam up the stunning glow.

Fair skin tones

All you lucky ladies out there, with fair complexion, you can try out all kinds of eye makeup  whether its smoky or neutral, but to make the eyes look gracefull the best-suggested eye makeup is neutral eye shadows with warm and earthy undertones, rose gold, bronze and shimmery hues with bold matte black eyeliner  and false eyelashes can make you look bold and beautiful.

Medium skin tones

skin tone women stands in the middle, they neither towards fair tones nor dark tone, so the best-suggested eye shadows for them are bronze and honey shades as well as the colors with warmer shades of grey and blue.

Dark Skin Tone

 All the black beauties, remember that melanin-rich skin always demands dark eyeshades, so gals go bold with darker eye shades like plum, purple and reds, you can also add shimmering gold and metallic to ur lids and finish it up with sketch pen eyeliners.

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